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The Glory Shop

I hope something catches your eye...

External Services:
  • gloryshop@livejournal.com
The Glory Shop

This journal is currently under construction.
There are a few items up at this time but more will be shown soon.
Please come back again soon to look for special online sales.
Thank you very much.

Rules and Info:

~*~Please do not advertise here.~*~
~There are plenty of communities set up for that purpose.~

~*~If you see something you like and want to try to trade with me,~*~
~please specify what it is you want and make a trade offer.~

~*~I do not currently have prices set up because I don't know how to price my stuff.~*~
~Please make fair offers.~

~*~Shipping costs will be calculated at the time of request.~*~
~I'll get back to you with the price I was given.~

~*~If you know a cheaper way to ship an item please feel free to inform me.~*~

~*~I must receive the money before I will send the items.~*~

~*~I currently accept money orders, paypal, and credit cards thru paypal.~*~
~Exceptions may be made at a later time.~

~*~I currently ship to the United States and Canada.~*~
~Other arrangements can be made if you are willing to pay full shipping charges.~

~*~Items can be held for one week at the most.~*~
~Items will also be held during pending orders for up to two weeks or until money is received.~

~*~Please allow up to two weeks to receive items.~*~
~I will notify you if there are any problems.~

~*~Post on the entry where the item is you want so other people know someone is interested.~*~

~*~After items are sold they will be put into an entry marked sold so others can see past activity.~*~

~*~Email me at maygloryb2u@hotmail.com to request items.~*~

~*~I will accept returns but you will not get your money back.~*~
~I will give you shop credit only and not including shipping.~

~*~Feedback is welcome but please keep it clean.~*~

~*~I will not delete bad feedback unless it is some random person I've never done business with or it is anonymous.~*~

~*~Constructive critism is welcome.~*~

~*~I can retake pics of any item at request.~*~

~*~Keep in mind, I'm new at this so please be patient.~*~

If you have any suggestions for a layout or other customizations for my shop please notify me at maygloryb2u@hotmail.com and we can discuss possible shop credit.

Sold Items

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